Would your athletes/performers like to know what sport and performance psychology is really about and how it can be applied to improve performance?

Thrilled to announce that I will be holding my first Science of Sport & Performance Psychology: Summer Schools of Excellence in July & August 2018

Format: 3 sessions delivered within one week on: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays (these days are negotiable)

Available Times: 2-4pm / 3-5pm / 4-6pm / 6-8pm; with available week options in July and August 2018


Session Titles:

Session 1: The Science of Mental Skills Training 

Session 2: The Science of Concentration

Session 3: The Science of Resilience


Delivery Fee: €45 per person to attend all 3 sessions (with a minimum number of 15 for registration at Session 1). Any elite Sport/Performance Academy can apply for a special group rate, if paying the fee for their individual athletes/performers to attend all 3 sessions.

Suitable Age for Attendance: Over 16 years (this age minimum is negotiable)

Venue: On-site at the athletes’/performers’ organisation/academy/school

Contact details to make a booking for your athletes/performers/academy: Email: droliviahurley@gmail.com or See my ‘enquiry form’ via my consultancy/research link here