Some of my more recent publications are listed below.

Books / e-Books

Hurley, O. A. (2021).  Brave Action: Sport Psychology for Life. Available to download @ The Collective Fitness: See:

Hurley, O. A. (2018).  Sport Cyberpsychology. Routledge.

Book Chapters

Cotterill, S., & Hurley, O. A. (2023). Going Online: How to Enhance Consultancy Practice Using Digital Technology. In V. Shanmuganathan-Felton, & S. Smith (eds.), Developing a Sport Psychology Consultancy Practice: A Toolkit for Students and Trainees (pp. 113-125). Routledge.

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Hurley, O. (2021). Sport Cyberpsychology in Action During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Possibilities): A Narrative Review. Frontiers in Psychology.

Cahill, J., Hurley, O., & Mc Caughan, N. (2018). Addressing teamwork problems in healthcare: lessons learned from aviation and sport. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 24, 448-457.

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Hurley, O.A., Moran, A., & Guerin, S. (2007). Exploring athletes’ experiences of their injuries: A qualitative investigation. Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, 3, 14-22.


Here are some of my recent Blogs:

Hurley, O. (2019). Online support and learning opportunities: Valuable features in the athlete/performer world (Blog). BPS Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology.