Damian Hall

[Class of 2014/2015; Founder of Complete Personal Training + Complete Transformation Retreats- see: www.completepersonaltraining.ie] 

“I studied and completed the Certificate in Sport Psychology in IADT with Dr. Olivia Hurley in 2014/2015. Wow (!), pretty early on, it dawned on me how little I new about human behaviour. Being a head rugby coach and running a fitness business, it is obviously something that is crucial for achieving results both with athletes and the regular ‘Joe-soap’. I very much benefited from Dr. Olivia’s vast experience, and the manner in which she could relate and get the key information across to her students. It’s one thing knowing it, it’s another thing being able to teach it! I have been able to apply pretty much all of what I  learned on the course into the real world, which is really what I was after”.