Gillian Pinder

Class of 2018/2019; 1st Academic Scholarship Recipient for the Certificate in Sport Psychology; Irish Hockey World Cup Silver medalist

“Dr. Olivia Hurley is one of the most passionate lecturers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She lives and breathes all things sport and sport psychology. Her passion and enthusiasm come across throughout her lectures and is inspiring to everyone with a desire to study sport psychology. She covers topics that that are relatable whether you participate in sport at the highest level or whether you’re coaching the tiny tots on a Sunday morning. I learnt to harness skills and techniques that I subconsciously touched off throughout my playing career. With a little bit of finesse, I was able to tweak one or two things helping to prepare me from a mental point of view to secure Olympic qualification for the Irish Women’s Hockey Team. Overall, I really enjoyed my time studying sport psychology, I got to meet some amazing people along the way including some highly interesting and accomplished guest speakers. I would recommend to anyone with an interest in sport to consider joining Olivia in IADT.”