Student - James Downey

James Downey

[Class of 2017/2018; Former Professional Rugby player; Media Pundit/Panellist; Clontarf RFC Assistant Coach]

“I have just completed the Certificate in Sport Psychology in IADT with Dr. Olivia Hurley. I really enjoyed it and cannot believe, as an ex-professional athlete, how little I really knew about the research and science behind the strategies used within sport psychology before completing the programme. I thought, having played, that I would have come across a lot of it, but instead, studying on Olivia’s programme has given me a new view and insight into how I should coach my top athletes in my sport of rugby, which is priceless information to have in the current, highly competitive rugby climate. I cannot recommend Olivia’s programme highly enough and I know a number of my colleagues and athletes who have also completed her programme feel the same way about their experiences in her class in IADT”.