Grad - Stephen Bradshaw

Stephen Bradshaw

[Class of 2016/2017; Former Rugby Coach with St. Mary’s RFC; Co-Owner of Celtic Campervans; Also works in the Creative Advertising field]

“Dr. Olivia Hurley is a remarkable lecturer. Her passion for psychology was evident throughout the course. I completed the IADT Certificate in Sport Psychology in 2016/2017 and found it to be an eye-opening and incredibly motivating experience for me, for both life and within the constructs of sport. Dr. Hurley has a truly effective way of integrating her class members, and throughout her sessions, she makes learning the aspects of sport psychology interesting, exciting and, most importantly, applicable to work, sport and every-day life. What’s more, Dr. Hurley shows a genuine interest in her students and continues to maintain relationships with them long after the course is complete, offering her expertise if and when needed….Just another way this lady stands out from the crowd. It was a pleasure to learn and work with Dr. Hurley – I cannot recommend this course highly enough”.